Cessna 140A      N9664A                                     (c/n 15385)


                                        In 1949 Cessna introduced the Model 140A which had the improvement of having all metal
                                        wings.  The wing shape was also tapered, versus the constant chord of the fabric covered models.
                                        This wing was later to be used on the four-seat 170A, since the original 170, like the 140, had
                                        fabric covered wings.  This 140A was wearing the standard livery for 1950 when the above
                                        Cessna Aircraft Co publicity shot was taken.   I recently (July 2010) saw a very nice example
                                        at Santa Paula, California, Airport (below). 

                                       Cessna 140A  N9436A                                         (c/n  15462)