Cessna 140    NC77260              (c/n unknown)

                                           This Cessna Aircraft Co photograph shows the prototype Cessna 140 in the standard livery
                                           of the day.    In fact, it is seen again below in a publicity post card (I will reproduce the entire
                                           card, not just the aircraft) which I received from Cessna in 1947.    As stated in the caption
                                           for the Cessna 120, the 140 was by far the more popular model.  For the little extra cash one
                                           received a more deluxe aircraft, including an electric starter, the rear quarter "D" window, and
                                           flaps.  The 120 was more of a basic trainer, whereas the 140 catered to the private owner/pilot.
                                           The initial 120/140 had an all metal fuselage, but fabric covered wings.