..                                         Cessna 120   N1986V                         (c/n unknown)

                                                  The Cessna 120 and 140 are basically the same aircraft, except that the 140 model was
                                                  the 'deluxe' version and is distinguishable by the "D" window aft (see next entry). The
                                                  prototype first flew on 28 June 1945 and the Cessna 120 was announced early in 1946.
                                                  Surprisingly, the more expensive 140 outsold the 120 by some three to one and hence
                                                  photographs of the austere 120 are somewhat rare.   In the days when this photograph was
                                                  taken (1958) Vegas Airways were based at Torrance Municipal Airport where this shot was
                                                  taken.  They later moved to the North Las Vegas Airport when they became a true revenue
                                                  passenger airline.  However, this aircraft was used for flight instruction (another side of the
                                                  business) rather than as a single passenger mini airliner!   Actually it was destroyed in
                                                  1966 whilst landing at Oxnard Airport, California when the pilot touched down too soon
                                                  after a Martin 404 had landed on the same runway, got caught in the turbulence, and hit a