Cessna 180          N2477C              (c/n  30777)


                                           In 1953 Cessna introduced a more powerful partner for the 170 series using the same wing and flap
                                           system.  This was the Model 180.   It featured a completely new fuselage and tail and was powered
                                           by the 225 hp Continental 0-470-A flat six engine.  A notable feature was the fully adjustable tailplane
                                           (obviating the necessity for trim tabs).  This stout machine virtually became the "truck of the air" and
                                           some  6,000 were produced over the years (including the later Model 185).  Several were used in
                                           Australia as crop dusters.   My shot shows a 1954 model at Hawthorne Municipal Airport, Southern
                                           California, in 1959.    Shown below is a Cessna Aircraft Company photograph of the prototype 180,