Callair A-2       NC2907V           (c/n 123)


                                     This photograph was obtained from the Afton,Wyoming based Callair Aircraft Company in
                                     1950.  Based on the Kinner Sportser, the Callair series (the A-2 in 1946, the A-3 in 1947 and
                                      the A-4 in 1954) was designed for the rancher and flying farmer.  Designed for the high mountain
                                     country, it is seen above in its element, wearing skis.   It was a simple, but rugged design notable
                                     for its strut-braced low wings.  Later versions were used as crop dusters.  This aircraft is actually
                                     still flying and a current image of it can be found at:
                                     In 1946 Callair purchased the rights and tooling for the Interstate Aircraft Company, makers of the
                                     L-6 Cadet (also a Wyoming concern) although their own rights of design have now, in turn, been
                                     acquired by other companies.   About 35 Callairs were built.   I ran across the Canadian example
                                     (CF-KNP below) one day in 1960 at Vancouver's Sea Island Airport.