Boeing-Stearman A75N1  (PT-17)  Kaydet        N57173          (c/n  75-1457)

                                     Although all the Stearmans (at least in the USA) are ex-military aircraft, I decided to include the
                                     model in the 'Classic' section since the type was given a civilian Approved Type Certificate
                                     (ATC #743) in 1941. Over 10,000 of these sturdy trainers were built by the Wichita Division
                                     of the Boeing Airplane Company, which had taken over the Stearman concern in 1939.   It
                                     was produced as the PT-13, PT-17 (the most numerous) and the PT-18 for the USAAF and
                                     as the N2S series for the US Navy.    The nice plain civilian example above was taken at Hawthorne
                                     Municipal Airport in 1959, whilst the (now more commonly attired) 'warbird' seen below decked out
                                     as a Navy N2S-3 was at Santa Paula in 2001.  In actual fact this aircraft is an A75N1 and is an ex
                                     PT-17.  Were it really an N2S-3 it would have been a B75N1 model.
                                 Boeing-Stearman A75N1  (PT-17)  Kaydet         N90840               (c/n  75-1619)