Beech G17S   N8589A                (c/n  B-18)


                                      The Beech G17S was the post WW II Staggerwing.  Only 20 were built since it was
                                      difficult for a biplane, no matter how slick, to compete with the svelte products coming
                                      out of Wichita, including Beech's own Bonanza.   Production terminated in 1948. 
                                      For the aircraft spotter, the main discernable difference between the post war 17
                                      and the earlier versions lies in the undercarriage doors.   The G17S had solid door
                                      covers whilst the D17S had the two strutted arrangement.   My photograph was taken
                                      at Fullerton Municipal Airport in Southern California in 1962.   Seen below is a Beech
                                      Aircraft Corp photograph of the prototype G17S NC21934.   This aircraft was actually
                                      the last D17S built (c/n 424) and had been retained by the company as a demonstrator.
                                      It was then modified up to 'G' standard in 1946.