Beech E-18S       N62T                                (c/n BA-45)


                                  The Model E-18S was produced in 1953 as a refinement to the earlier twin-Beech models.
                                  The most noticeable difference between an "E" and earlier variants are the square wing-tips.
                                  It was originally known as the 'Super 18'.  In 1963 the Volpar Company in Southern California
                                  developed a tricycle-gear conversion for this aircraft and several were built in this configuration
                                  as the Model H..  N62T seen at Fort Worth in 1954 was previously N3709B and was re-
                                  registered N62TP later and was operated by Catalina Flying Boats based at Long Beach,
                                  where it was retired in 2001 due to corrosion.  The hulk was collected by Aviation Warehouse
                                  who have a collection of literally hundreds of aircraft (up to 707 size) stored at El Mirage, CA
                                  for use as movie props.
                                  The aircraft below looks like a Model E18S but was actually built as a C-45G and was rebuilt
                                  at Long Beach in 1963 (where my shot below was taken) with American Turboprop Engine
                                  Co's ATE  raised cabin roof modification which included the E18S style cockpit cab and E18S
                                  nose.  Throw in the vista view cabin window, and externally it looks just like a production E18S.
                                  It was being operated at the time by Durabuilt Mfg Co.
                               Beech C-45G Modified     N75Q                            (c/n AF-423)