Beech D-18S   XB-GUZ                        (c/n  A-372)


                                        Development of the Beech Model 18 began in 1935.  Production of the D-18S commenced
                                        in 1939 and the design was ordered by the U.S. Army Air Corps where it was known as the
                                        C-45 Expeditor.   Over 4,000 were built.  After WW II civilian production resumed and the
                                        above machine is a typical example of a new aircraft.  Basic trim was natural all metal finish
                                        with red, blue or green trim and black registration letters (or numbers for a US resident). This
                                        photograph was acquired from the Beech Aircraft Corporation  in 1948 and depicts XB-GUZ,
                                        a D-18S which went to Sr. Mario Pascquel in Mexico.    The shot was taken at Wichita, prior
                                        to delivery.