Anderson-Greenwood AG-14   NX80828 (proto) and  N3902K     (c/n  3)  


                                            This two-seat, twin-boom light cabin monoplane was first flown in October of 1947.  A production
                                            prototype flew three years later and a line was set up for quantity production.  Unfortunately the
                                            Korean War took precedent and only four production AG-14s were completed, the company
                                            then utilizing its engineering capabilities in subcontracting work for various airframe companies.
                                            Shown above in a photograph obtained from Anderson-Greenwood in 1948 (maybe they thought
                                            that I, as an Air Training Corp cadet, was a potential distrubutor!) is the prototype NX80828.
                                            The shot below illustrates ship # 3 which I stumbled across at the old San FernandoValley Airport
                                            (long since a housing estate) in 1958.  It was owned and operated at the time by Air Associates,
                                            Inc. a local aircraft instrument dealer.