Aeronca 7EC Champion    N7479B               (c/n   7EC-537)         


                                    In 1948 Aeronca produced more powerful versions of the Champion, with model numbers
                                    of 7BCM, 7CCM, 7DC, 7DCM and culminating in the definitive model, 7EC in 1950.
                                    Seen above at Van Nuys Municipal Airport in 1959 is a nice 7EC, with the Ceconite wing
                                    covering literally gleaming.    Production of the Aeronca series was then taken over by
                                    Champion Aircraft Co, producing the 7FC Tri Traveller (a tricycle geared Chamion) and
                                    ultimately the Citabria.   The 7B, C, D and E models can be distinguished from the 7AC
                                    by the dorsal fairing on the fin.