Aeronca 7AC Champion      N81930    (c/n  7AC-555)


                                        This 7AC is in the 'standard' colors for this aircraft.  Most were delivered from the factory
                                        in this yellow and orange paint job, although I have seen them in yellow and blue.  Over
                                        7,000 of these diminutive trainers were built.  The first production Champion was produced
                                        in 1944 with a 65 h.p. Continental A65-8 power plant.  Large numbers appeared in the first
                                        few years after WW II.  The basic design was continued in 1954 after the demise of the
                                        Aeronutical Corporation of America by Champion Aircraft Corp and later by Bellanca. 
                                        This shot was taken at Santa Paula, Southern California's very own "1940s" airport, in the
                                        late 1990s.   
                                        Seen below is one of the last model 7ACs built  (N2919E   c/n  7AC-6502)