Aeronca 65-TAF Defender       NC36817          (c/n  F1561TA)


                                              The Aeronca 'Tandem' was designed specifically for the CPTP pilot-training program.  One of
                                              the more notable features about this trim little trainer was the fact that the rear seat was positioned
                                              some 5 inches higher than the front seat for better visibility from the back.  Because of this feature
                                              these aircraft became known as 'High-Chair Aeroncas'.   Three different engine choices were
                                              available, as the 65-TAC; 65-TAL and 65-TAF.  The above machine has the Franklin 4AC-176-B2
                                              engine rated at 65 hp at 2250 rpm.    The above image came from a 1942 Aeronca brochure and,
                                              improbable though it may sound, this aircraft was still on the register into the 1990s.