Aeronca 15AC Sedan           VT-CUY         (c/n  15AC-108)

                                           This was the last of the models to be produced by Aeronca.   Champion, when they picked
                                           up the rights to build Aeronca aircraft in 1950, only produced the 7 series.  Only 561 Sedans
                                           were built and hence photographs of them are fairly rare.  I chose this Indian example since it
                                           is showing the standard Sedan livery when new.  It was operated by the Madras Flying Club
                                           in the early 1950s.  The Sedan was a much larger aircraft than the Champion or Chief with
                                           comfortable seating for four.  It was powered by a 145 hp Continental C145, although a small
                                           number had the 165 hp Franklin 6A4-145-B3 engine.