Taylorcraft F-19 Sportsman    N2003K                (c/n F-150)


                                      This poor shot was taken at Lake Ridge Airpark, Durham, NC in May 2009.  Hopefully one day
                                      I will catch this bird outside.  153 Model 19s were built by the newly reconstituted Taylor Aviation
                                      Corporation, owned by Charles Feris in the 1970s.  Mr. Feris had actually died before this particular
                                      machine, a 1979 model, was built, but production trickled on throughout the 70s and early 80s.  In
                                      1985 the company was acquired by George Ruckle who, ironically, moved the whole operation into
                                      the old Piper plant at Lock Haven, Pa, where C.G. Taylor had started out in the first place.  Most of
                                      the F19s built seem still to be extant, a tribute to the loving care of their owners.