SOCATA Rallye 150 ST  N150ST                    (c/n  2996)


                                         Just to remind you, this section contains US-registered aircraft.  They don't have to be US-designed
                                         to warrant inclusion.  The Rallye series emanated from the original Morane-Saulnier MS-880A of the
                                         late 1950s era. When Morane-Saulnier collapsed in the mid 1960s, SOCATA, a Division of Sud
                                         Aviation, took over the MS Rallye designs.  Over 3,000 of various marques of this aircraft have
                                         subsequently been produced by SOCATA.  Notable features are the bulbous cockpit and the set
                                         back position of the tail plane.  The above photo is from owner Charles Miles and was taken at White
                                         Cloud Flying Field, near Columbia, MO in 2014.   Its "STOL" claim on the fin relates to the automatic-
                                         ally deployed  leading edge wing slats.  My own shot of this machine, below, was taken on a glaringly
                                         bright day, was at Nut Tree Airport Vacaville, CA in July of 1979.