Rockwell 114 Gran Turismo Commander    N4887W                                (c/n 14217)


                                      Theoretically this aircraft should be listed under Commander, since the Commander Aircraft
                                      Division was created by Rockwell specifically to produce this and the earlier model 112.  The
                                      last 114 was built in 2001 (the example above, seen at Buchanan Field, Concord CA in May
                                      of 2010 by Bill Larkins was a 1995 model), after Commander had been acquired by Aviation
                                      General Inc who filed for bankruptcy in 2002..  Various other attempts to reinstate production,
                                      notably by Tiger Aircraft, came to naught.   The 114 differed from the 112 in having a 260 hp
                                      Lycoming IO-540-T4B5D engine up front, driving a two-bladed prop.  TGOW was 3,140 lbs.
                                      Some 405 were built along with over 200 later 114A/B/TC and 115 models.