Remos GX  N16GX                            (c/n  259)


                                    Considered a 'Light Sport Aircraft' in the US (Ultralight anywhere else) the Remos GX is a
                                    development of the earlier and successful German-designed and built G-3. Power is supplied
                                    by a 100 hp Rotax 912ULS engine  This sleek little Remos is one of several such machines
                                    owned by Raber Helicopters, trading as North Carolina Rotor and Wing, who offer both
                                    helicopter and fixed wing training at Franklin County Airport, some 50 km north-east if Raleigh,
                                    NC, where the above shot was taken in May 2009.     The company also has a facility at Rowan
                                    County Airport, Salisbury, NC (in the Charlotte area).