Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche  N7131Y                               (c/n 30-153)


                                           In 1962 Piper suspended production of the PA-23 Apache (although continued the line as the
                                           somewhat larger Aztec) and introduced the Twin Comanche in its place. The aircraft was billed
                                           as a four/six seater and initially powered by two Avco Lycoming IO-320-B flat four engines
                                           developing 160 hp each.   Aviator Max Conrad established a new world class distance record
                                           in one when he flew non-stop from Cape Town to St. Petersburg, Florida in December 1964
                                           (a distance of 12,679 km).   The final version, the Turbo Twin Comanche C/R was actually given
                                           as different series number, becoming the PA-39.  The C/R stood for counter-rotating airscrews.
                                           My brand new example is seen outside the distributor's hangar at Hawthorne Municipal one misty
                                           day in September of 1964.