Piper PA-25-150 Pawnee  N6168Z                        (c/n  25-197)

                                           Somewhat ahead of Cessna (with its 188 AgWagon) in the agricultural field was Piper with its
                                           PA-25.  This aircraft actually comprised the first series production to be undertaken at the new
                                           Vero Beach, Florida plant to which Piper had transferred (from Lock Haven, Pa) in 1957.  Seen
                                           here are two early 1960 examples.  N6168Z above, called in at Hawthorne Municipal Airport
                                           (L.A.) one day in July 1961 while the cruddy looking example below was at Van Nuys in 1965.
                                           N6322Z is, according to the FAA register, still current today in North Dakota.  If it is still crop
                                           dusting that must be some sort of record, although Australia still has a number of active Pawnees
                                           still employed as agricultural machines.

                                                    Piper PA-25 Pawnee  N6322Z                    (c/n  25-428)