Helio H-295 Super Courier  N61JA                           (c/n  1286)


                                           The Helio H-295 first flew in February of 1965 and was a direct development of the earlier
                                           four seat Helio Courier of 1953.    Leading edge slats, upper surface spoilers, Frise ailerons
                                           and 74% span slotted trailing edge flaps give the Super Courier excellent STOL qualities.
                                           Seen in this entry are three variations of a theme:
                                           N61JA (c/n 1286) above is a conventionally wheeled example, seen at Franklin County
                                           Airport, North Carolina in 2002.
                                           N68874 (c/n 1707) in the center image illustrates a tricycle geared H-295 (many were field
                                           modified to this configuration).  Pacoima Airpark, Southern California, 1991.
                                           N68879 (c/n 1712) at the bottom of the page is a nice Ellis M. Chernoff shot of an amphibious
                                           float example seen at Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, NC in 1978.