Cirrus SR-22  N743CD                            c/n    0140)


                                      A remarkable newcomer to the light aircraft scene in the USA within the last decade is the Cirrus
                                      Design Corporation of Duluth, Minnesota.  Their SR-20 series features advanced technologies
                                      and avionics.  Much use of composite material (which I call plastic) has been made.  The cockpit
                                      is armed with Avidyne FlightMax digital flight displays (almost a "glass cockpit").  Pursuant to this
                                      the aircraft employs a "side yoke" control (al la Airbus) in lieu of a regular yoke. A unique feature
                                      of Cirrus aircraft is the Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS), a ballistic parachute system that
                                      allows the entire aircraft to descend safely from an emergency.   For more, see the website: