Cessna 310J  N3030L                    (c/n  310J-0030)


                                                        Refinements were made to each iteration of the 310.  Noticeable on this 1964 model are the
                                                        more aerodynamic wing tip tanks.    Production culminated with the R model in 1981 by which
                                                        time some 5,241 Model 310s had been built.    This shot was taken at Santa Monica in 1964.
                                                        Aviation enthusiast Phil O'Doherty advises that some years after this shot was taken this aircraft
                                                        was involved in an incident wherein it almost ditched off the California coast near San Francisco
                                                        when its right engine threw a rod over 2 hours out on the way to Hawaii.  The pilot was John
                                                        Lear (Bill's son).  The event was covered in a article in the February 1971 issue of Private Pilot