Cessna 208B Caravan   N208PM      (c/n  208B-03478)


                                           Following experience with the Model 208A, Federal Express, the largest operator of the Cessna
                                           Caravan, was instrumental in the design and fitting of an underfuselage pannier to the basic design. 
                                           This became the 208B.  Federal Express' own machines, incidentally, have no windows, as seen
                                           in the shot of N920FE below.  Both photographs were taken at Camarillo Airport, California in
                                           2001.  N208PM had just been repatriated from Australia and bears its former identity VH-NTS
                                           (and owner Northern Territory Air Services markings) in addition to the registration requested by
                                           new owner Planemasters Ltd (why not Inc?) of Chicago.   At the foot of the page is an image of
                                           one of some 42 windowless Caravans operated by all freght carrier Martinaire.   This operator
                                           basically supports, rather competes with, the likes of Fedex, UPS and DHL.  This shot was taken
                                           by Harry T. Chang in May of 2007 at Wilmington NC International, one of Martinaire's regular
                                           ports of call.

                                               Cessna 208B Caravan  N920FE                                (c/n  208B-0020)


                                           Cessna 208B Caravan    N9738B                                 (c/n  208B-0097)