Cessna 177 Cardinal  VH-DZG        (c/n  177-00110)


                                           The Cessna 177 was introduced at the end of 1967 and was a kind of modernized 172.  Notable
                                           was the cantilever wing.    After a total of some 4000 of these aircraft (including a number of Cardinal
                                           RG - retractable gear versions) had been produced, production ceased in 1978.   Since I did not
                                           possess an image of a US registered Cardinal I had to resort to the collection of fellow Aussie aviatior
                                           and historian Phil Vabre who kindly permitted use of this nice shot taken at Bendigo at the end of
                                           2005.  It was, Phil tells me, visiting from Darwin, hence its somewhat tatty appearance.  i.e. it had
                                           probably been subjected to rather harsh environmental conditions!   This aircraft was one of some
                                           20 similar machines which were imported in 1968.