Bolkow 208C Junior  N208J                      (c/n   668)


                                          Fairly common in Europe, although rare in the US is this Swedish designed, German built all
                                          metal two seater.   Originally produced in Sweden by MFI as the MFI-9, production was
                                          taken over by Bolkow in Germany (part of the MBB Group) in the early 1960s.  This one
                                          was seen at Horizon Airport, Henderson, Nevada (where I lived in the late 80s-early 90s).
                                          Seen below is the demonstrator aircraft sent over by the Bolkow factory in the fall of 1964.
                                          I caught it at Hawthorne Airport in September of that year.  The original plan was to have
                                          the aircraft aasembled by Pioneer Aviation in Burbank.   I believe nine kits were supplied
                                          out of the MBB plant in Germanu, but whether this arrangement continued beyond that
                                          initial batch I am not sure.  Probably not, since the air scene (at least so far as the L.A.
                                          Basin's so-called Southland is concerned) was not inundated with Bolkow Juniors.

                                          Bolkow 208 Junior  D-EGNA                        (c/n   526?)