Beech 35-33 Debonair  N674V         (c/n   CD-106)


                                         In 1959 Beech introduced what was essentially a conventially tailed Bonanza, known as the
                                         Debonair.  In fact, it was so akin to the former type that it retained, at least for several years,
                                         the same model number 35, with a sub series of 33.  It wasn't until the E model of 1967 that
                                         the "35" bit was dropped and at that time the E33 was renamed Bonanza.   It was originally
                                         devised for a couple of reasons.  One was that many folks didn't trust the new fangled V-tail
                                         and wanted a conventional fin and rudder arrangement.  The other was that they were right!
                                         The V-tail initially experience a failure rate some 24 times that of converntially tailed machines.
                                         FAA directives ordered the V-tails to be strengthened and the problem was taken care of.
                                        This shot of an early Debonair was taken at Hawthorne Municipal Airport in August of 1962.