Wright Airlines  Shorts 360-100   N632KC                  (c/n  SH.3644)


                                     Early in 1984 Wright ordered five Shorts 360s.    It was, I suppose, a last ditch effort to try to
                                     save the dying line.  Like many of its contemporaries, Wright had expanded too fast and found
                                     itself strapped for cash.   Not only that, but it was striving to support all the routes flown by
                                     acquired airline Aeromech.   By November of 1984 it laid off 240 employees and reduced its
                                     daily schedule to 11 flights between original cities Cleveland and Detroit.    Losses continued,
                                     and  the airline reduced schedules even further to 3 round trips to Detroit daily.  By December
                                     1985 the airline was in Chapter 7 liquidation and never emerged.   The SD.360s were repossess-
                                     ed by Shorts Air Lease and N642KC was later operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Business
                                     Express and Simmonds Airways (as American Eagle)   Above photo courtesy of the Bob Garrard