Wright Airlines   Beechcraft A99  N20FW                        (c/n  U-111)


                                    Wright Airlines purchased a couple of Beech 99s, new, in 1969.  (Beech, in their marketing strategy,
                                    always referred to this model as a "Beechcraft").   These unpressurized 15 passenger commuter air-
                                    craft were used along with the Herons and Twin Otters on the local Cleveland - Detroit downtown
                                    airport runs. The shot of N20FW seen above (with downtown Cleveland in the background) was
                                    taken by Bob Garrard in May 1970.  The same aircraft is seen in another Garrard image (below)
                                    having just returned from a lease-out in 1972 (to Cascade Airlines?).      In 1983 Wright Airlines
                                    merged with Aeromech, and in so doing picked up another couple of Beechcraft 99s along with
                                    their Bandeirantes.