Woodley Airways Travel Air S-6000-B   NC432W      (c/n 6B-2039)

                                            Woodley Airways was founded by Arthur Woodley in 1932 to provide air service between
                                            Anchorage and Nome.  It was the only alternative to a month long dogsled trip.  His fare
                                            of $150.00 (a sizeable sum in the 1930s) was still a lot less than the estimated $750.00 for
                                            the dogsled trek.  Woodley favored Travel Airs and the aircraft above was one of the last
                                            to be produced under the Travel Air label before that pioneer aircraft building concern became
                                            part of Curtiss-Wright in 1930.   This image comes from the archives of the Museum of Alaska
                                            Transportation and Industry (via Lars Opland).