Woodley Airways  Boeing 247-D  NC13310               (c/n  1691)


                                            Woodley Airways was formerly incorporated in January of 1945 after Arthur Woodley had been
                                            awarded the important trunk line from Anchorage to Juneau.  Clearly this could not be flown with
                                            his ancient Travel Airs and hence he purchased a couple of Boeing 247Ds.  After WW II, if you
                                            wanted to start up an airline on the cheap you bought an ex-military C-47A and set up shop.  If
                                            you wanted to do it really cheap, you latched onto a Boeing 247-D.  NC13310, seen here in this
                                            image from the archives of the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry, was decked out in
                                            National Air Transport livery and was exhibited at the Chicago Century of Progress exhibition in
                                            April of 1934. It passed on to the United Airlines assets register when that company was born a
                                            month later.  In 1938 it was sold to Wyoming Air Service which soon became Inland Air Lines after
                                            a re-organization.  The Boeing was impressed during WW II as a C-73 with serial number 42-56642.
                                            Woodley purchased in 1946 when his fledgling line began to expand.  When Woodley changed the
                                            name to the more grandiose Pacific Northern Airlines on 1 August 1947, the 247 was still on the books.
                                            Whether it was actually re-painted in PNA markings is not known.