Western Air Lines    Douglas DC-3   N33647           (c/n  4126)


                                         On 17 April 1941 Western Air Express severed all its interchange ties with United Airlines and
                                         changed its name to Western Air Lines, becoming totally autonomous in its own right.  Its fleet
                                         at the time comprised seven DC-3s and five of the old ex-United Boeing 247-Ds.   The aircraft
                                         above was also an ex-United machine sold to Western in 1942.   It is seen above "out to pasture"
                                         at Santa Monica Municipal Airport after its operational days were done.  It is, however, carrying
                                         the standard WAL livery of the 1940s and 50s.  It was sold to Hil-Down Venture in 1958 as an
                                         executive transport, finally winding up back with Douglas Aircraft.as N129H.  (Note: A second
                                         DC-3, c/n 2108, was also registered N129H upon its repatriation from Argentina).    Seen below
                                         (via Mike Sparkman) is a shot of a DC-3 in the final 'Indian Head' livery adopted on WAL's piston
                                         engined fleet    NC33671 was an original WAE delivered machine.

                                        Douglas DC-3A-343B    N33671                        (c/n  4812)