Western Air Lines  Boeing 727-247   N2803W           (c/n  20265)


                                          Both images on this page are by Bob Garrard.  The beautiful one above was taken at San Diego's
                                          Lindbergh Field in 1970 and shows a Western 727 in the livery in which they were first delivered
                                          to the airline the previous year.  The lower one shows N2811W departing Washington National
                                          Airport in May of 1983 wearing the in the livery adopted in the late 1970s.  Western received its
                                          727s in staggered deliveries over a ten year period.  A total of some forty 727s was eventually
                                          operated. Both aircraft passed to Delta's asset register when that company acquired Western Air
                                          Lines in April 1987.    By that time, and following deregulation, Western had a vast network.
                                           Boeing 727-247   N2811W       (c/n  20649)