Western Air Lines  Boeing 247-D  NC13337                     (c/n  1719)

                                  This rare shot of a Boeing 247-D in Western Air Lines markings is from the Craig Neumayer
                                  collection and was taken off a post card.   Craig's second shot (below) shows the same machine
                                  in the more commonly-seen WAE titling, probably at Salt Lake City.  .   In 1941 WAE changed
                                  its name to Western Air Lines, thus dating the image above at around that era.    This aircraft
                                  was an original United Air Lines machine and had been acquired by National Parks Airways in
                                  December 1935.  NPA was taken over in August 1937 by Western Air Express.    NC13337
                                  was impressed into USAAF service in 1942 as a C-73 and became 42-78017.   After the war
                                  it went to Servicios Aereos Panini as XA-DUA, and was written off in a crash near Obregon,
                                  Mexico on 9 September 1947.