Western Air Express  Fokker F-14    NC327N              (c/n  1408)


                                           The F-14 was the last Fokker design to be built in the U.S.  It was designed as a mailplane
                                           with a parasol wing , thus enabling pilots to see forward under the wing.  The above photo-
                                           graph was taken before WAE's markings had been applied to the fuselage.  The airline only
                                           had four of them, purchased in 1929, no doubt due to the fact that since WAE were the
                                           majority stockholders in the Fokker Company at the time, they felt some sort of obligation
                                           to do so.  The two shots below are both from the Craig Neumayer collection.   The upper
                                           one shows another of WAE's F-14s.  However, the lower one shows the prototype, N150H
                                           and this aircraft never actually flew with WAE.   No doubt it was painted up in their titling as
                                           a sales pitch.  It went to Western Canada Airways, who later merged into Canadian Airways
                                           and the Fokker was written off following an emergency landing near Pilot Butte in January
                                           1931.   WAE's F-14s passed to TWA at the time of the merger.

                                         Western Air Express  Fokker F-14    NC328N              (c/n  1409)


                                         (Western Air Express titled)   Fokker F-14    NC150H              (c/n  1401)