West Coast Airlines  Piper PA-31 Navajo  N11131     (c/n     31-31)


                                        West Coast was certainly an innovative airline.   In August of 1966 it came to an agreement with
                                        Third Level carrier (Third Level Operators were basically scheduled air taxis) Eugene Aviation
                                        Service to operate a segment from Eugene, Oregon to Roseburg using Piper Aztecs.  One year
                                        layer WCA took over the service itself and purchased four Piper Navajos which it dubbed Miniliners.
                                        This was the first example of a Local Service carrier operating what was, in essence, a Third Level
                                        route.   It was really the beginning of the larger airlines' involvement with commuter, feeder lines.             
                                        The shot above came from a post card gleaned from WCA in 1968.   The new logo on the tail
                                        was carried through to the DC-9s.                              .