Western Air Express    General Aviation  GA-43    NC13903    (c/n  2204)


                                           Western Air Express purchased the third production model of only five General Aviation
                                           (Clark) GA-43 aircraft to be built.   (Swissair had two, and Pan American, and Mitsui Bussan
                                           of Japan had one each).    Western purchased it out more out of corporate loyalty (see the
                                           family relationship in the organization chart below) than a real need.   However, it was used
                                           for several years on the Cheyenne, Wyo to Albuquerque, N.M. route, until single engine
                                           airliners were frowned upon by the Commerce Department.   The above image came from
                                           a Western Airlines publication, and shows the aircraft at Denver, just after delivery in 1932
                                           when it was opened for public viewing.