Varney Air Lines   Boeing 40-B-4  NC10344          (c/n 1425)


                                     Early in 1930 the United Aircraft & Transportation Corp made a bid of $1,000,000 to Varney
                                     for his airline.  (His attorney doubled it and he acquiesced).  United wanted to fold it into their
                                     burgeoning transcontinental routes, and into the company which was to become United Air
                                     Lines in 1931.  Varney flew under its own name, (as a division of United Air Lines) after the
                                     buy-out, as did the other three founder members of United Air Lines.  Varney was finally
                                     absorbed by the Boeing Air Transport Division of United Aircraft in 1933.  Allowing that
                                     United was heavily in favor of Boeing types (another of its Divisions) may indicate that the
                                     above shot was taken after the buy-out had occurred.   Anyway, Varney took his money
                                     and started up Varney Speed Lanes in California.