United Air Lines Douglas DC-8-61   N8081U                  (c/n  45971)

                                    United put stretched DC-8s into service in the mid 1960s.   They had a few long range series 52
                                    machines, but most of  their long DC-8s were the short/medium range series 61 variety.  Seen above
                                    in this shot by Ellis Chernoff at Miami in March of`1983 is a typical one.  These -61s were all later
                                    converted to -71s by re-engining them with 22,000 lb. s.t. CFM56-2-C1 turbofans with modified
                                    wing leading edges and engine pylons.   TOGW was increased to 328,000 lbs.   Frank C. Duarte
                                    Jr. captured a converted one (below) at San Diego on January 1986 holding before take off to go
                                    back to its base at ORD.   It was retired at the end of 2002. 
                                     McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71  N8072U    (c/n  45812)