United Air Lines    McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10    N1829U       (c/n   46628)


                                   As indicated on the previous entry for the Boeing 747, UAL managed to lose some $46 Million in
                                   1970.  That, however, did not stop them from accepting delivery of a fleet of  DC-10s commencing
                                   in the summer 1971.  Perhaps the thinking was that these three holers would supplant the 747s, but,
                                   in the event, both types were retained.  In fact, the DC-10s were on the asset register longer than
                                   than Boeing jumbos, only being finally retired in 2001.   Most of the fleet were series 10s, but a few
                                   second hand -30s were leased or purchased in the mid 1980s. many of which were converted to
                                   freighters.     This evocative shot was taken by Frank C. Duarte Jr. at Denver's old Stapleton Airport
                                   (now closed) in September of 1982.