United Air Lines   Douglas DC-4E  NC18100                  (c/n 1601)


                                          This aircraft falls into same category as the Douglas DC-1 and Boeing Monomail.  It never did fly
                                          revenue passenger schedules for United, but is an important piece of airline history, and, as such,
                                          rates an entry in a collection of historical images such as this.   Douglas began the design of a large
                                          four engined transport in 1936 at the request of the "big four" airlines plus Pan American, all of whom
                                          subscribed $100,000 each for its development. (Not nearly enough, but at least a token).  United
                                          ordered six of them in 1939.  In the event, the aircraft was somewhat underpowered and did not
                                          perform to its expectations - or specs.   It was eventually sold in Japan where some of its design
                                          features were used in developing (copying) the Nakajima G5N Shinzan for the Japanese Navy.
                                          It later crashed in Japan.