United Air Lines  Douglas DC-4  NC30049            (c/n  27227)


                                        Here's a nice United Air Lines shot of an early post WW II DC-4.   During WW II United had gained
                                        a great deal of experience with the C-54 Skymaster with contracts for Air Transport Command in the
                                        Pacific theater.   It was only natural, then, that at the conclusion of hostilities they would opt for a large
                                        fleet of these airliners.  Along with the Capital Airlines machines they picked up in 1961 when they
                                        acquired that carrier, United operated almost 40 of them.   They went into service on 1 March 1946 on
                                        the transcontinental routes.   The late 1940s and early 1950s gave rise to both a new white topped
                                        livery scheme and also a revision of duties for the DC-4s.  When the DC-6s came on stream the lowly
                                        DC-4s were relegated to Air Coach services.    Both aircraft depicted here were ex military C-54Bs.

                                       Douglas DC-4  N30055    (c/n   18341)