United Air Lines   Boeing 200 Monomail     NC752W    (c/n  1153)


                                           The Monomail was never used in regularly scheduled services.  It was a Boeing development/test
                                           machine impressed into service with the manufacturer's airline to gain operational experience.  Only
                                           two of them were built, the other being NC10225.  The second one was given a passenger cabin
                                           seating eight.  NC 752W was eventually converted to that configuartion also. The view over the nose
                                           must have made greased landings somewhat of a challenge for the pilot!   The flight characteristics
                                           and manufacturing processes learned were later used in the production of other Boeing transport air-
                                           craft, notably the model 247, but were also advanced enough to give some guidance when it came
                                           to designing the model 307. .