United Air Lines  Boeing 747-122   N4728U             (c/n 19925)


                                      Despite the fact that United were not awarded an overseas route until 1983 (they lost out on the
                                      Transpacific Case in the late 1960s) they nevertheless ordered 20 Boeing 747s primarily for the
                                      Hawaiian routes.   The move turned out to be somewhat precipitous (load factors did not warrant
                                      the "jumbo" on domestic schedules) and UAL lost $46M in 1970.  The above nice shot by Bob
                                      Garrard shows a series 100 all decked out in "Friend Ship" livery touching down at Miami Inter-
                                      national in Feb of 1974.    In the early 1990s, to boost capacity, United acquired half a dozen or
                                      so model 200s from QANTAS.   The aircraft below, seen in this Frank C. Duarte Jr shot at LAX
                                      in December 1992, was ex VH-EBO.

                                        Boeing 747-238B       N164UA        (c/n  21657)