United Air Lines  Boeing 737-322  N328UA    (c/n  24148)


                                     In the late1980s United, by then the world's larget airline, standardized its medium range equipment
                                     with the Boeing 737.  It began receiving what would amount to a very large fleet of both series 300 and
                                     series 500 737s.   Of the 100 series 300s it obtained, some 40 of them were operated by a wholly
                                     owned subsidiary dubbed "Shuttle by United".  This was a low cost outfit which ran services up and
                                     down the west coast.  This subsidiary ran from 1994 to 2001 when it was deemed that the costs
                                     associated with it were no better or worse than that of the parent company, and the concept was
                                     dropped.  Most of the Shuttle aircraft were never repainted, however, and the term still is used.
                                     It's merely that its financial results are now part of United Air Lines' income statement, rather than
                                     presented as a subsidiary company..   By the early 1990s, the airline had changed its livery from the
                                     former blue, red and orange of the1970s era for the smart grey and blue as seen above.  The upper
                                     shot by Art Brett of Photovation Images shows a typical UAL 737 as the aircraft was departing
                                     LAX in February of 2005.  The image below was captured by Manas Barooah at San Jose in Sept
                                     2005 and shows a former Shuttle by United machine.

                                    Boeing 737-322  N386UA     (c/n  24661)