United Air Lines  Boeing 737-222  N9065U     (c/n  19946)


                                           United started taking delivery of what would become a large fleet of 737s in 1968. The two shots
                                           on this page are by Bob Garrard, and both were captured at O'Hare International, Chicago in the
                                           summer of 1977.  The above image shows the original "737 Friend Ship" markings, whilst the lower
                                           shot illustrates the new livery adopted about the same time, and which held then for over a decade
                                          .and a half.   The choice of the term "Friend Ship" is rather odd, since I, for one, always confused it
                                           with the Fairchild F-27 of roughly the same era.  The first time I was told I would be flying from
                                           ORD to RDU in a "Friend Ship', I became quite apprehensive until I saw the actual equipment!

                                           Boeing 737-222 N7024U                (c/n   19062)