Transamerican Airlines   Fokker F.10A  NC812H                (c/n  1051)


                                             The caption on the original of this image purported it to represent an American Airways F.10A but,
                                             in fact, as correspondent Colin Howell points out, it was, in actual fact, one of three or four operated
                                             by Transamerican when this photo was taken.  Although American Airlines took over Transamerican
                                             in 1932 and acquired three of their F.10As, this was not one of them.    NC812H had originally been
                                             delivered to Pan Am in August of 1929, and was seconded to Boston-Maine Airways, a company
                                             to whom Pan Am provided management and technical support.        It was sold to Transamerican in
                                             October 1931 although was destroyed by fire at Detroit on 8 February 1932 whilst refueling.
                                         .  .