Trans Texas Airways  Convair 600    N94253              (c/n   114)


                                           TTA went ahead in 1966 and had all their Convair 240s converted (at considerable expense) to
                                           Convair 600s.   They were the largest operator to update to this variation which included swapping
                                           out the Pratt & Whitney R-2800 radials with Rolls Royce Dart R.Da10/1 engines.  (The most
                                           common of the CVAC 240/340 conversions was the model 580 which had Allison turboprops).
                                           Anyway, having done that they then proceeded to deck them out in one of the least inspiring livery
                                           schemes ever to grace an airliner.  Even in full color, as seen in the image below taken by the inde-
                                           fatigable Bob Garrard at Love Field, Dallas in 1967, the livery looks positively dowdy.

                                         Convair 600  N94258    (c/n  119)