Texas International Airlines  McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15MC  N1307T       (c/n  47062)


                                    As previously indicated, Trans Texas Airways became Texas International Airlines early in 1969.
                                    The variant of the short bodied series 10 DC-9 seen above was the convertible mixed pax/cargo
                                    configuration model MC.  What, in Boeing parlance, would have been dubbed a "Quick Change".
                                    Bob Garrard shot this image at Love Field, Dallas in July of 1970.  At the time of the inauguration
                                    of the new airline name, the DC-9s were referred to as the "Pamper Jet".  That appelation was no
                                    no longer in vogue, however, when the mid 1970s livery was introduced, as evidenced in the lower
                                    shot taken by Frank C. Duarte Jr. at  Stapleton International Airport, Denver, in Sept of 1982
                                 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14  N8961        (c/n 45842)