Trans World Airlines      Martin 2-0-2A    N93201                 (c/n  14071)


                                       TWA elected to go with the Martin 4-0-4 as its DC-3 replacement, rather than opt for the Convair
                                       240/340 series which most carriers did.  As an interim measure, and until tooling up for the 4-0-4
                                       could be completed, the airline received 13 modified unpressurized Martin 2-0-2s, known as the
                                       2-0-2A.  This aircraft  had a slightly higher gross weight than regular Martin 2-0-2s and also had
                                       Pratt & Whitney R2800-CB16 engines (same as the 4-0-4).   They were operated for about eight
                                       years when most of them were sold off to Allegheny Airlines.